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Good enough for the likes of professional athletes and celebrities, Tony Thomas is an experienced trainer known for his dynamic and athletic training style and his infectious energy
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Fun & Effective Workouts
Workouts that are fun and fit in seamlessly with your daily life - finding 15 - 25 minutes for the kind of workout that works for you and instantly leaves you happy and energized, when you need it most
Free Nutritional Guide
We all know what you eat is just as important as the workout. With that in mind, we put together this guide to complement the program and get you results faster. The guide includes practical recommendations for what to eat and when, as well as sample menus for you to follow.

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There's a better way to train. And it's coming soon to Beat the Gym 

This is not a gimmick offering tantalizing results - this is not a 30-day transformation. The program hones in on building a great habit that sticks for life. Lasting change is about small, positive daily habits - and that's what this program delivers
Develop a Habit

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